Blood Borne Pathogens

Learn what Blood borne pathogens are, examples of BBP, how they are spread and universal precautions such as always wear gloves, clean and disinfect immediately and report all exposures immediately.

Bus Safety & Cleaning

If you are concerned your team doesn’t know how to clean their bus to keep riders safe, this program maybe for you.

Classroom Cleaning

Learn the proper steps for cleaning a classroom including locating touch points and the importance of dwell time.

Cleaning for COVID

Outbreaks sch as COVID-19 can be managed with proper procedures in place. Learn how to make your facility safe when battling COVID-19.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is extremely import to stop the spread of germs. This course includes why you should wash, proper procedure for washing, the role of hand sanitizers, hand hygiene dispensers and more. 

Private Office Cleaning

Cleaning private office the right way is more important than ever. Learn what supplies are needed and how to properly clean.

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